When You Can’t See Where Your Taxes are Going

Our taxes are intended for the use of the government to improve our standards of living. These taxes are from our own pockets and that we have worked hard for this. We have used all of our energy, our time, and even used a decade of learning in school to be able to get a decent job, to earn a living, and to one day, pay our own taxes.

The taxes are intended to be given back to the people, through government programs and projects that is for the benefit of all, and for the welfare of the people. These taxes should be felt by the people as their standard of living improves, but to a sad note, most people cannot feel where their hard earned money goes.

This is very evident in the third world countries. This is because that their governments are corrupt and that their officials are mainly working in the government to seep through all the funds and money of the government, and use it to fulfill their luxurious desires, and indulge in living a rich life, because of stolen money.

Instead of building proper roads, and investing on health care programs, these corrupted governments use it to replenish their wealth and personal resources. The government is the one who is in charge of the money, and that they are also the ones who control and use the money.

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The Drive of Will towards Financial Prosperity

Every one of us wants to become successful and to be financially prosperous. Meaning that we want to live happier lives, and a better standard of living, by having more than enough wealth and resources. It is not bad to dream, and to imagine a bountiful future. Because all accomplishments and achievements start from a single dream; a single imagination that may be thought of or uttered in a simple way by someone, somewhere in the past.

What we all need is just will. It is very simple, but it is in its simplicity that we can achieve greater heights in life. We may have all we need to make our journey easier. We may have all the comforts and all the things that we need to pursue our dreams, a supportive family, a lovable girlfriend, a bunch of cool friends, enough money, but if we do not have the will to do so, then we would just be stagnant in our present lives. We will not progress through life, and we will not prosper.

The thing that is most important is our will to become something more of ourselves. Our will to earn, to be rich, to be happy and to be a successful person, is what we need to have. We would not reach something if we are too timid, or if we are too scared to risk everything up, and to sacrifice a little bit of our comforts, leisure time, or rest time, to something more productive such as taking the first steps towards finding a job.

Sometimes that will power translates into more than just working as an employee. It means becoming a business owner. Or an independent consultant of sorts. Maybe a sole proprietor… That’s what one of my closest friends did; he went to work with a company called RedFynn Technologies, who offer business solutions like payment processing, accounting, and business loans. My friend, Stewart, has been very successful at it. He’s paid on commissions only. So he doesn’t work for RedFynn, he works for himself.

But it’s the will power to create a high income, plus some coaching, that is helping him be so successful. Not to mention great commissions, he’s told me!

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The Demand and Supply Connection

These are one of the most used terms when you are majoring economics in the university. Economics main core is the two words – demand and supply. These two work hand in hand to bring balance to the world, especially that the world relies too much on the economy, for without it, the world would burst into chaos and humanity will go back to the dark ages.

I do believe that economics’ demand and supply ratio brings balance to this world, because it serves as a weighing scale that assesses itself from the needs, the wants, and the amount of products and services that it is going to produce on a given expanse of time.

Getting to know all of these things that relates to the production of products and services, and how many are needed are the main things that runs the world of economics. To understand these two highly connected variables. Let us discuss each separately.

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The Benefits of the Automated Teller Machine

Have you ever imagined a world without ATMs which stands for Automated Teller Machines?

These ATMs have been with us since the late 1960s, on the year 1969 by Chemical Bank. After that several other banks followed them and also installed their own ATMs.

ATMs did not only make the work of the bank employees easier but it also made the lives of the normal people, way easier. Why? This is because of these following reasons.

Because of ATMs, you can now withdraw money any time, and any place, and you don’t need to wait for the bank to open to withdraw your money. Even though you are a client of another bank, you can still withdraw money from another bank’s ATM, because your ATM cards are universal, and is now accepted by all banks, as all ATM cards share an identical form that can be read by the ATM.

Security is also one of the main reasons why ATMs are way safer than bringing cash all the time and putting them in your wallets. With ATMs, your money are safe because it has a unique PIN number, that is only intended for you, and is not to be known by other people, except for yourself only. With this, doing transaction are now safer because you are the only one who knows your PIN number or your password, in simpler sense.

You also do not need to get to fill up long forms to withdraw some money. Unlike in banks, that you need to fill out withdrawal slips, and go to the line, and wait for your turn and wait for eternity to arrive, with the help of ATMs, these are all gone. And you can now get money in an instant, probably around 3 minutes maximum. Compare that to the usual bank process of filling up the form, going on the line, then waiting for it to be processed, then line again for the teller, then that is the time that you can get your money.

Distance is no longer a problem because with the help of ATMs, you can withdraw anywhere even if it is in another country, as long as your bank is linked to the ATM’s bank. Usually all banks are linked, because they would be left out of the competition if they are not to.

To sum it all up, ATMs made our lives way easier while ensuring our security.

We are indeed living in the future.

Proper Financing for Business Success

In order to make the business function properly is to finance it properly. Financing it properly means that there should be enough resources that are invested on the business itself.

It needs to have proper funding, and it is in having a proper funding that we can properly compensate the people that are working with us or working for us.

With this, proper financing can results to proper compensation, and it is within proper compensation that the people who work for the business are inspired and motivated to do their job properly because they are paid well or perhaps paid high.

When one is motivated to do the work in the best way, then the business functions properly, as a whole.

This also guarantees that the business would not run out of funds because they have reserves for it, in a properly financed business. No one knows as to when trials within the business might happen, or may test the strength of the business itself, which is why one needs to have reserve funds, to use in case of emergencies.

This then again shows us that a properly financed business will surely survive and outlast the competition, because they have the power to do so, thanks to the proper financing.

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More Marketing Means More Cash Flows

Marketing is what makes our business alive, and it is what keeps our finances to increase over time. It is the one variable which makes our business beat its heart, and breathe. It is the life of the business, and without it, we would not earn profit effectively, and would leave our finances shattered leaving us with no choice other than to quit doing business.

With this, we can see that marketing is the one which plays a vital role in the earning process of the business. Most of the finances come from the marketing effort. This is because that without marketing, the world would not know that your business exist, and that they would not know what is the benefit that they can get from the one that you are selling.

This makes marketing awesome, and at the same times a daunting task. The role of the marketer plays a major part in the success of the business, because it is within their hands that lies the fate of the company. The marketing efforts could either make them or break them.

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Intelligently Marketing Your Products

Marketing is not just all about making cool propaganda and letting people know that what you are selling is existing and is worth buying. Marketing is more than that, because one needs to see the consequences and foresee the distant future, to know if whether your marketing is done right or perhaps needed some twitch or so.

The stuff with marketing is that it gets too freakish and weird, that its reputation becomes too profit-oriented, that it forgets to treat the customers as valuable people, but rather they treat them as valuable things.

Aggressive marketing is usually disregarding all of the other variables and factors that constitute the principle that people also have their own tastes and that they have their own intellect. They know how to decide for themselves, and they do not need hours and hours of marketing sales talk to persuade them to try whatever you are selling.

Sometimes, its all about how to make the stormy seas calm and make a cool reputation of yourself, composing yourself to sound as professional as you can without having to somewhat beg with your knees just to let that single person buy your product.

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A World without Marketing is a World without Business

The world that we live in now is a world that thrives on communicating information throughout as many people, in order to expose the product or service that a certain business or company is offering. This is the world we live in today, a world that focuses on information and effective communication to enhance something and make it look more interesting, through boosting its features through commercials and words.

This is marketing, the enhancement of something to make it more alluring and interesting to the eyes of the regular people. A world without marketing is a world without business, because business without marketing is sure to be bankrupt in no time. You need to acquire consumers by letting them know that your product exists, and you need to do this in a way that makes it more appealing.

Through this, you acquire more customers which also mean more profit. All you need to do is to make sure that what you are telling your customers is true. Always be truthful in everything you do. You’ll go further that way!

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